Hands-On Animal Science Camps

Jr. Zookeeper at The Reptile Zoo

• Camp Lengths: 1 Day, 3 Day, and 5 Day (1/2 Day Options Also Available)

• Camp Dates: NEW CAMPS in 2020 | One-Day Jr. Zookeeper Course Available Year Around

• Location: The Reptile Zoo, 18818 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley 92708

• Includes: T-Shirt, Zoo Membership, Workbook, Jr. Zookeeper Graduation Certificate

• Age Range: 5-12 years (email for other age options)

To register or find out more or email [email protected] or contact us at 714.500.0571

Is your little one dreaming about growing up to be a zookeeper? Help make it a reality with our year-round Jr. Zookeeper program where they will get a chance to shadow a real Zookeeper! Join us for interactive sessions where campers will receive hands-on education about exotic reptiles housed here at The Reptile Zoo before participating in the daily zoo assignments including animal feeding and enrichment. The day will close with your Jr. Zookeeper sharing what they’ve learned in an interactive presentation and official graduation as a Jr. Zookeeper.

M-F | 3:00pm-5:00pm | 4+ yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $150

(AVAILABLE IN SUMMER) M-F | 9:00am-1:00pm or 3:00pm-7:00pm| 5-15 yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $175

Dig fossils, handle live snakes, and play games; every day is a new adventure in the life of a Jr. ZooKeeper. Campers will enjoy educational activities covering the ecosystem, habitat, food chain, senses, and camouflage taught by real-life zookeepers. Campers will receive a camp shirt and workbook filled with everything they learned on their Prehistoric Adventure, a certificate of graduation as a Jr. ZooKeeper; plus a six-month membership to The Reptile Zoo to continue their hands-on reptile education.
• Are you on the top of the food chain? Then don’t forget to pack your lunch for full day camps.

M,W,F | 9:00am-3:00pm | 6-10 yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $350

½ DAY M,W,F | 9:00pm-12:00pm | 4-6 yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $250


M-F | 9:00am-3:00pm | 6-10 yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $450

½ DAY M-F | 9:00am-12:00pm | 4-6 yrs. | Location: The Reptile Zoo | $350

Hands-On Reptile Adventure 3 Day & 5 Day Camp Themes

Day 1: Prehistoric Adventures
Your camper will learn all about fossils, dinosaurs, and endangered species through games and crafts including a real fossil dig as well as an animal name. This day’s lesson will be supported by a hands-on animal presentation including a Frilled Dragon, Sulcata Tortoise, Crested Gecko, Hissing Cockroaches, and Python Eggs.

Day 2: Jungle Quest
Today your camper is in for a real treat. They will still be learning, but today is centered around one on one observation of several exotic animals. Campers will learn how these animals rely on each other to build the web of life and the importance of every member of that web. Your camper will get the chance to observe an Iguana, Reticulated Python, Dart Frog, Tarantula, and a few additional surprises.

Day 3: Blend in or Stand Out
Campers will spend today learning about how some reptiles are specially designed with unique patterns and colors for protection from larger predators. Your camper will get the chance to be active playing several games that will provide first-hand experience on the importance of camouflage in the wild. The animals supporting today's theme will be an Albino Burmese python, Chameleon, and Emperor Scorpion.

Day 4: Swamp Day
Today is another Prehistoric Adventure camp day filled with all kinds of exotic animals found in swamps around the world including an American Alligator, False Water Cobra, Pixie Frog, Green Anaconda, Snapping Turtle, and Burmese python. Campers will also learn the importance of swamps in providing for the animals that live there.

Day 5: Backyard Safari
For our last day, your camper will get the chance to put together everything they learned at this year’s camp to get out and observe the animals right here in our own backyard including a Gopher Snake, Kingsnake, Rattlesnake, Desert Tortoise, and Beaded Lizard.

8:45-9:00 Camper Drop-Off + Check-In
9:00-9:30 Orientation for the Day
9:30-10:30 Jr. ZooKeeper Duties
10:30-12:00 Class Time with Workbook
12:00-1:00 Lunch + Free Time
1:00-2:00 Games + Crafts
2:00-2:45 Hands-On Animal Presentation
2:45-3:00 Next Day’s Instruction
3:00-3:15 Camper Pick-Up + Check-Out

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